Sunday, March 31, 2013


Blog fans, this just came into the Managing Memorial headquarters. If any of you watched a Vanderbilt game this past year, you undoubtedly saw star point guard Kedren Johnson struggling with a nagging shoulder injury. Kedren hurt the shoulder early in the year and any time he fell on it, he would be writhing in pain. Many players in his position would have stopped playing and shut themselves down, especially since our team didn't have a chance at postseason play but Kedren battled through the injury despite knowing he would need surgery after the year.

This past Thursday Kedren underwent surgery on his shoulder and after coming out of surgery, and reflecting on the injuries of Nerlens Noel and Marcus Lattimore this past year, Kedren decided he didn't want to play basketball anymore because he didn't think it would be worth it. For those of you who don't know, Kedren has a burgeoning rap career and he has decided, after seeing the NCAA's endless commercials about their student-athletes going pro in something other than sports, to begin this career right away. He figures if he is going pro in something other than sports than why not get a head start on that career.

As part of his career path Kedren will be enrolling in the Blair School of Music to take classes there full-time instead of part-time as many athletes here do. While he plans on getting his degree from Blair, Kedren has already received interest from numerous hip-hop labels about a potential recording deal. Right now it seems like the front runner in the race is Aftermath Entertainment which is also home to his hero, Kendrick Lamar. After he is cleared to travel, Kedren will be flown out to their headquarters in Santa Monica, California for an audition. Since he is no longer with the team, this is NOT a compliance violation, so need to call our Compliance Office.

While it is sad to see a talented player like Kedren put basketball behind him, I am happy to see him pursuing his passion as a recording artist. Kedren was a fearless player on the court and a down-to-earth guy off of it and I'm sure his presence will be missed greatly by the guys on the team, but I am also sure they will support his decision 100 percent. Best of luck to Kedren in his future endeavors.

As much as I would like to think this blog has some type of power, if any of you actually believed I would be the source to report on something like this, you are too naive to be reading this blog.

Happy April Fool's Day, and thanks to Nate Watkins for the idea for the April Fool's post! Now, a very happy birthday to Kedren whose birthday happens to be today, and be sure to check out his music here.

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