Friday, March 1, 2013

FREE FOOD and its Effect on My P-Bod

One night during my freshman year, I went out with some friends to what was then called Varsity Grille and has since changed names about seven times. On this night there was this really hot girl who was pretty into me, if we are being quite honest and at one point during the night she told me, "you have the perfect body for my type. Perfect". She was pretty drunk when she said that, but hey, drunk actions are sober thoughts right? Needless to say, it is not every day that I got comments like that on my 5'10", roughly 170 pound physique. It was quite an honor, and it is something I have tried to live up to ever since.

In my attempts to live up to that Perfect Body (or P-Bod for short) reputation, I have attempted to eat healthier at times and work out a decent amount. I've never been overweight or totally out of shape, but I've had some periods of pseudo-intense fitness that last somewhat long, I still workout a decent amount and eat relatively healthy. The biggest obstacle though to my P-Bod maintenance has been the free food I get from the program, particularly on the road. If there is food in front of me, and it's free, I'm going to eat it.

A given road trip starts off with a pre-flight meal before we leave for our destination. The food at this meal varies from Famous Dave's BBQ to Outback Steakhouse to Amerigo's restaurant. My personal favorite is Famous Dave's. Fantastic ribs, great cole slaw, and a killer banana pudding. I always feel bloated after eating it, but that is part of the appeal. Amerigo's comes in second just for their garlic crackers with the Spinach and Artichoke dip. It is absolutely phenomenal.

After we leave the gym, once we get on the airplane they give us a bag of snacks. I usually don't eat much eat on the plane but I am a sucker for the rice krispie treats. Upon arriving at our destination, we have a snack that consists of sandwiches and chips... and ice cream sundaes. I of course skip over the sandwich and head right to the Sundaes, the best ones come with strawberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles, indulging in a late night treat.

The next day we have a team breakfast, I usually go with eggs, hash browns, and 3 to 4 pieces of french toast, then a pre-game meal which is like chicken, steak, mac and cheese, etc with more ice cream for desert. Then after the game we usually each get our own box of pizza and then there is more food on the plane. That is a lot of food over a 24 hour period, but it's always so good.

The real killer is Tournaments. The SEC Tournament last year was just a shit show for me. We had 4 meals a day, all buffet style and I was just eating. And eating. And shitting. Then eating some more. It was like being in heaven, just surrounded by free food at all times. I couldn't get enough. I put on 6 pounds in 5 days at the Tournament, it was really bad, but so worth it at the same time.

So as my time with the program winds down and my access to free all-you-can-eat meals goes to zero, I'm hoping I make the maintenance of my perfect body a full-time priority. There are girls out there just waiting to see what I have left to sculpt, and I just can't disappoint them.

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